Mamie's Toffee & Treats

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Quotes New Bailey & rum caramels are AWESOME, toffee is #1 in a million but the tiger butter is seriously a slice of heaven in a cup YUM!! Quotes
Shari Grice Riddle
A Friend of Mamie's

Quotes My mom came home with a bag of your toffee and my dad and I ate the whole bag within a few minutes! It was delicious and I will be getting more for Christmas gifts so everyone else can enjoy! Quotes

Quotes Bailey's caramels are INCREDIBLE!!! Quotes
Tena Zeman
Bailey Caramel Friend

Quotes Had an opportunity to meet Ernie at Fox Valley Winery tonight! And all I can say is Wow Awesome Toffee!! Love it would definitely would buy! Thanks! Connie Quotes
Connie Milazzo Saner
Wife of missing toffee..........

Quotes Very good! Mamie's Toffee & treats are loved @ Kw house. We pick up ours @ Aurora's Farmers Market. Quotes
Mary Knightwright
KW House

Quotes OMG, the toffee I bought at French Connection Day didn't even last the car ride home from Cantigny (and I only live 15 minutes from there!) Sooooo good! Quotes
Renee Griffin Hacker
OMG Customer!

Quotes The dark chocolate toffee was my favorite. Perfect consistency and flavor. The caramels didn't make it two days at my house and everyone at work enjoyed the pretzel pennies. Thanks for all the yummy - and keep it coming! Quotes
Jen Hyden
Toffee Monster

Quotes This stuff is so good that you have to keep it in the kitchen and eat in another room so that you are not tempted to eat it all at once. This is a lesson I learned the SECOND time I had it. I bet you can guess what happened the first time. Keep up the great work! Quotes
Rob Tesmond
Sultan of Sweets

Quotes This toffee is awesome and the caramels and the tiger butter. I'm telling you once you eat one you will want more! Quotes
Kris Olson-Camp

Quotes I bought 2 boxes of toffee thinking I had 1 to share and 1 to keep for myself. My friends and family went through both boxes so fast, that none was left. :-(. It was so good they couldn't stop eating it! I can't wait until my Easter Sampler arrives, so I can try the Tiger Butter and Peanut Brittle! Quotes
Maribeth Reisbeck
Happy and Sad Customer