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Pop Can Jewerly

Jazzy, Pop Can jewelry is hand made in the USA by a local husband and wife (John & Jazzy).

The product is hand-made from 'up-cycled' Pop Cans.

This husband and wife team create Pop Can Jewelry & Accessories all from 'trash' that has been 'up-cycled' into wearable art (necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pins, magnets & key chains).

It is important to these designers to produce this product in the USA to support our economy. Website
Pop Can Jewerly!

FreshGround Roasting

Here at home, FreshGround Roasting exists for a similar reason. We believe that relationships matter. For us, coffee is a catalyst to start that conversation. We've spent years gathering with friends around a great cup of coffee just talking, building relationships and making new friends. We believe that we can truly change lives with our money by purchasing coffee from suppliers who exist to build long term, life changing relationships across the globe. But more than that - much more than that - we exist to share the good news about the ultimate relationship. There is only one relationship that is completely fulfilling. Only one that will never let you down. Only one that will sustain you through any challenge. That is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. That's the relationship that matters most! Website FreshGround Roasting